Pata Engineering

Pata Engineering co., LTD. manages to design, fabricate, install, and repair metal finishing machine & supply its accessories with the adequate standard & specification and that makes the company a wide range of customers namely Japanese, American, Taiwan, local & Erc. Moreover, with the local based fabrication site, the company is capable & willing to offer customers fast response in case of emergency to fully support the satisfaction.

Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment is to change the conditions of wastewater to suitable conditions to does not cause harm to the environment We provide high-performance chemicals of water treatment Our special process is for metal contaminated wastewater treatment and DI/RO water production.

Plating Line

We design and manufacture plating machine for manual and automatic system which support all of customerrequirement by follow standard condition of each work.

Air Pollution

Based on the working principle of contact between polluted air and liquid (Water or Chemical solution) - Starting from the polluted air is sucked into the scrubber and then through the packing media. - Packing media increnses the contact surface between polluted air and wate r by spraying water droplets to trap dust or air airborne containants,Which various substances will be trapped by water making it. unable to escape to the outside.

Quality policy